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Amber is one of the leading metal coffee filter manufacturers and suppliers in China. We supply large quantities of products for various types of reusable coffee filters. Our metal coffee filters are made out of premium food-grade stainless steel. The ultra-fine filter screen can filter out most of the coffee grounds, yet still allows the flavor-filled oil and nutrients to make it into your cup, bringing a cup of coffee with a rich taste and full body.

What Kind of Metal Coffee Filter Do You Supply?

Conical coffee filter (Pour-over coffee filter). There are three types available:

  • Coffee filter with a removable stand (independent stand can be removed).
  • Coffee filter with a fixed stand.
  • Individual coffee filter cone.

It is a very portable device suitable for most kinds of cups, such as mugs, coffee cups, glass beakers or coffee pots-a conical coffee filter for automatic coffee makers.

The other one is the permanent filter mainly used for automatic brewers. It is not a standard cone-shape but compatible with many types of coffee machines.

Basket coffee filter: Reusable basket coffee filter, suitable for most types of basket coffee makers. It is equipped with a convenient handle so that it can be easily removed and cleaned.

Disk coffee filter: The disk-type coffee filter is a filter specially designed for Aeropress and French press brewing coffee makers.

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Make a cup of stronger flavor coffee

Although the stainless steel coffee filter removes most of the sediment, it retains the flavor-filled oil in the coffee powder to brew a more robust and aromatic coffee.

More environmentally friendly

Stainless steel coffee filters can be reused and they’re more environmentally friendly. It’s cheaper in the long run.

Easy to clean

Just rinse the coffee dripper with warm water for 1-2 minutes. It is recommended to use some detergent to prevent the oil from sticking to the mesh, or cleaning in the dishwasher is also acceptable.

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Amber offers various styles of metal coffee filters. Please check out all our popular products. Our products are not limited to specific styles, so if you want to place a custom order, please contact our sales team.

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A delicious cup of coffee requires a good coffee filter. Whether for cafes or home use, you can find the right product at Amber for whatever you need.

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