The brass coffee filter is one of the traditional coffee filters that can improve the taste of coffee, while at the same time maintaining the heat and temperature. It will definitely enrich your coffee drinking experience.

The brass tone coffee filter brews coffee for you in a traditional South Indian way of dripping. Fill a scoop of freshly ground coffee powder in the upper compartment, then pour boiling water on it and close the lid. Wait for the freshly brewed coffee to drip into the bottom compartment. Then, mix it with your favorite milk or sugar and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Nowadays, many stainless steel coffee filters have replaced the antique brass filters, but in terms of taste, brass filters are truly unmatched. Brass is alkaline in nature and is used to make many kinds of cookware, such as coffee filters, because its alkalinity can neutralize the acidity of coffee.

Cleaning and maintenance

This is a durable filter that is easy to use and clean. A small amount of tamarind pastes or brass polish helps keep it looking new. Do not use steel wire for scrubbing.

brass pour over coffee dripper

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