Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter

Stainless steel mesh coffee filter is a reusable filter made of food grade 304 stainless steel. It does not contain any harmful substance that are bad to the health. The taste it provides is different from paper filters. Compared to paper filters, it can provide enhanced flavor. The natural oil in coffee beans is an important source of coffee aroma. The paper filter will block these oils, while stainless steel mesh coffee filter allows natural essential oils to enter the cup, giving you a cup of coffee with richer taste.

The mesh inevitably has larger holes, which do not block natural oils and allows fine coffee grounds to pass through. However, the hole size of the coffee filter is quite small, which makes the particles almost invisible. But as far as mesh coffee filters can provide better taste and health, it is worth it.

When using a mesh coffee filter, both daily cleaning and regular deep cleaning should be considered. After each use, make sure to wash thoroughly with water and detergent; do a deep cleaning once a month, boil the filter in a mixture of white vinegar and water (1:13) and soak it overnight.

Stainless Steel Mesh Coffee Filter

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gold mesh coffee filters

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