Stainless steel coffee filter

Stainless steel coffee filters allow you to make a delicious coffee. Our coffee filters are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel. It features double filtering, with a fine screen inside and a laser cutting filter outside. This design prevents the coffee grounds from passing through, and does not absorb the essential oils and nutrients of the coffee like a paper filter, so as to ensure a stronger coffee.


  • Easy to use
    The stainless steel coffee filter is easy to use, it fits most cups, mugs, glass beakers and coffee pots. It is also a portable product, suitable for traveling, camping or brewing fresh coffee anytime, anywhere.
  • Safe to use
    The holder is equipped with non-slip rubber to prevent the bracket from sliding on the table or cup. It is also with an easy-to-grip and heat-insulating silicone handle to prevent burns when pouring hot water.
  • Easy to clean
    Pour out the coffee grounds after each use and rinse with running water. It is recommended to use some detergent. Clean it thoroughly every 2-3 weeks by soaking in white distilled vinegar and warm water to remove the oil stain.
stainless steel pour over coffee filter

Pour over

stainless steel aeropress coffee filters

Aeropress coffee filters

Stainless Steel Coffee Filters

Filter cone with stand

cold brew coffee filter

Cold brew filter

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