Cold coffee dripper

Cold coffee dripper is a filter for cold drip coffee machine. Cold drip coffee is also a popular way of making coffee. The coffee made in this way is stronger than cold brewed coffee. And brewing coffee with cold water can retain the delicate flavor and eliminate the bitter oil and acid that will be extracted at higher temperatures.

Cold drip coffee machines usually use a three-beaker system. The top beaker is filled with water. The water is dripped into the ground coffee very slowly from the top beaker, and then slowly absorbed until it can’t take more. At this point, the coffee begins to drip through the stainless steel coffee filter into the bottom beaker, a smooth, rich coffee is produced. It can be enjoyed immediately or stored in the refrigerator.

The stainless steel cold coffee dripper uses premium materials to maintain the original aroma of the coffee. The ultra-fine screen can filter out the coffee grounds without clogging, so that the coffee liquid drips slowly and evenly into the beaker below.

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