Metal Coffee Strainer

Amber metal coffee strainers are made of premium 304 food-grade stainless steel. We provide individual cone filters, with a cup stand or with a removable holder. They fit most cups, mugs, or carafes, etc. They can be used with any coffee powder to provide a delicious cup of coffee in an instant. You can enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee anytime, anywhere without using a coffee maker or coffee machine.

Just put the coffee filter (with or without a holder) on your coffee cup, add the right amount of coffee powder just how you like it. Pour hot water on it and the coffee will drip along with the coffee dripper. Enjoy!

Safe and healthy

This reusable stainless steel metal coffee strainer does not contain any toxic substances (BPA or bleach) and is an ideal choice for replacing paper filters.

Easy to clean

Simply rinse the high-quality screen under warm water and dry thoroughly. The metal mesh does not absorb the essential oil of coffee like a paper filter. Not only does it produce a more delicious taste, it also makes cleaning a breeze.

coffee strainer mesh

pour over coffee strainer

Metal Coffee Strainer

stainless steel coffee strainer

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