Best Metal Coffee Filters for Pour Over Coffee Maker

Why metal coffee filters brew better coffee than traditional paper filters?

The natural oil contained in coffee makes a great contribution to the flavor of coffee, and it is the main source of coffee aroma. The paper filter absorbs the oil in the coffee, making the coffee very light. While the metal coffee filter filters out most of the grounds, it still allows the flavored oil to pass through. When you use a metal pour over filter, your coffee will have a richer flavor, a fuller body, but a bit more fines in the cup.

Metal coffee filter is relatively expensive, but it saves money in the long run because it is durable and reusable. Paper filters are cheaper, but you have to continue to buy them.

The metal pour over filter does not lead to paper consumption, reduces the impact on the environment, which is more environmentally friendly.

metal pour over filter

Metal Coffee Filters

metal coffee filter for pour over

metal coffee filter for pour over

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