Reusable Coffee Filters

Amber reusable coffee filters are ultra-fine mesh filters made of 304 stainless steel, suitable for cups, coffee pots, or glass beakers. The fine mesh design of double-layer filtration ensures that the coffee can be extracted slowly and evenly. It allows the natural oil and nutrients in the coffee powder to pass through, brewing a strong flavor of coffee for you. In contrast, coffee filter paper will block the unique oil flavor, giving you a lighter cup of coffee.

We offer three types of reusable coffee filters:

  • Coffee filters with removable stand (the stand are removable)
  • Coffee filter with cup stand,
  • and separate coffee filter cone.

The non-slip rubber on the bottom edge of the bracket ensures that it can be placed on a cup or coffee pot more securely. The cone filter has a silicone heat-insulating handle that is firm and easy to hold, which can prevent scalding when pouring water.

Easy to Use and Easy to Clean

After each use, just pour the coffee grounds and wash with warm water. Since this is an ultra-fine filter, it is recommended to use some cleaning agents to prevent the coffee oil from sticking to the screen after each use. It is safe with the dishwasher.

Environmentally friendly

These reusable coffee filters are made of premium stainless steel and are very durable. It saves both your wallet and the environment.

Reusable coffee filters

Reusable coffee filters with removable cup stand

Stainless steel coffee filter cone

Coffee filter with cup stand

Gold coffee filter cone

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